Notary Legislation

Texas Legislature convenes January 9th, 2019




Texas Legislature met in 2017.

Notary Law changes were enacted as follows:

SB 1098, Record Indexing change to mailing address versus residence address for journal that must be kept by all Texas Notaries.

SB 2065, Notary Fee change allowing exception for offering and providing translation or typing services and accepting compensation over and above standard notary fee of $6 for notarization.

HB 1217, E-Notary law for online notarization and a maximum $25 Fee in addition to standard notary fee of $6 for performance.


SB 665 Notary Education Course Requirement— Failed!

Bill introduced in Senate to require notary applicants to complete an approved course for issuance of Notary commission. Similar bill was introduced in 2013 Texas Legislature and prior sessions. Secretary of State’s office would be in charge of course standards and procedures. Also, setting of costs to vendors securing approval for offering course to Texas Notary Applicants.