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Become a Texas Notary Public

Official Application Processing and Qualification

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Become A Texas Notary Public - Fast Onsite Online Entry & Signing of Application!

Texas State Notary Bureau is proud to be a Texas-based notary service organization approved and authorized by the Texas Secretary of State to process and file notary applications electronically. The Notary Bureau was established by the former Notary Director and Attorney, for the Texas Secretary of State and provides notary supplies, materials and education, and offers the required bond and insurance protection thru Notary Insurance Services, Inc., a licensed insurance agency, underwriter Western Surety Company. It's your choice to apply online or offline. Either way, we make it fast and easy for you to become a Texas Notary Public.

Apply Online

Bonds underwritten by Western Surety Company, CNA Surety; Notary Insurance Services, Inc., Agent; Application and Appointment includes the State required $10,000.00 bond and Filing Fee. Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance, which protects the Notary, is also available. 

Be a professional Texas Notary! Fast ordering of online appointment packages

Packages built for your needs

Select your personalized Notary Supply and/or Bond Package, containing Official Seal, Stamp, Journal, Fee Chart, Education Booklet, Application, Bond, and required Filing Fees. Optional selections for: Professional Notary Supply, Deluxe Notary Supply and/or Basic Notary Supply package combinations!

Avoid excess fees by buying online

Discounted prices for state required materials. Reduced costs associated with shipping and ordering from multiple suppliers. One stop shopping for all the required forms and supplies. Austin location, for fast processing and shipping of materials. Select items desired and to have them personalized for your state commission.

Know what you are getting

Quality materials are provided and produced according to law and meet all required statutory guidelines which have been implemented by our Texas Legislature.

Renewals are easy and faster than ever

Processed electronically via state approved and authorized procedures to expedite re-qualification and thus, avoid commission lapses. Submission of renewal application order via online payment system or through fax, email or mail.

Restocking supplies is as easy as 1-2-3

Required state mandated supplies are produced locally and made available for online ordering to meet your notarial needs and are shipped promptly upon production.

Fast and friendly customer service

Locally based Texas business, operating for over 36 years, providing required notary education, products and services for Notaries. Experienced staff familiar with the ever changing notary laws, processes, procedures, and guidelines. Advocate for Texas Notaries, who has legal training, administrative and legislative experience, and who served as a V. P. of the National Notary Association, and as the Texas Notary Director, Secretary of State office. Our Director was instrumental in securing passage of legislative changes which provided for valuable updates to the Texas Notary Seal of office, enforcement provisions, education material distribution, online notary filing process, journal record indexing requirements, and the change to the out dated 1915 fee schedule limit of .50 cents.

Do you meet the requirements to become a Notary Public?

Minimum age of 18 years and above
A legal resident of the State of Texas
No final convictions of a felony crime
No final convictions for a crime involving moral turpitude, i.e., theft, fraud, treason. Minor traffic violations, like speeding, are allowed.
Post a $10,000.00 Surety Bond

Texas currently does not have a testing or education requirement to become a Notary Public. Appointment is secured by applying and submitting the required application that has been endorsed by a licensed bond agent, like our affiliate agency. Our Director has assisted in the qualification of over 450,000 Texas Notaries.

State Notary Director, Texas Secretary of State Office, 1980-84; Licensed Attorney; Licensed Real Estate Broker; Notary Public.....40 years experience; Notary Insurance Services, Inc., Bonding Agency for all types of bonds and Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance.