Texas Notary Public Handbook

Revised 1980 - 1994, F. Henry Garcia, Attorney, Real Estate Broker, Licensed Bond and Insurance Agent, Notary Public, Fmr Texas Notary Director, Texas Secretary of State's Office


Reprinted: Texas State Notary Bureau, Texas Notary Service Center tm, 4107 South First Street, Austin, Tx 78745

Notaries Public in the State of Texas are appointed by the Secretary of State and are commissioned by the Governor to serve all citizens. Each Notary appointment and commission is for a term of four years. The jurisdiction of all Notaries Public is co-extensive with the boundaries of the State of Texas and is not limited to a particular county of residence or business. Amendments modifying the Texas Notary Public Act have been enacted by the Texas Legislature and emphasize new duties, restrictions, and expanded responsibilities. Each Notary Public is personally responsible for staying informed about law changes affecting this public office.

All Notaries Public should be aware that they are subjecting themselves to financial liability, censure, suspension and revocation of their commissions, and even possible criminal prosecution carrying a potential $10,000 fine and/or imprisonment for improperly carrying out their offices. Whenever a Notary Public has doubts about the legality or admissibility of particular conduct, he should consult an attorney or contact the Notary Public Unit of the Office of the Secretary of State, P.O. Box 13375, Austin, Texas 78711.

Texas State Notary Bureau, Legal Info: 800-462-5705

The Texas Young Lawyers Association sincerely hopes that this handbook will assist Notaries Public in performing their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. Former publication, TYLA, State Bar of Texas.


Editorial reference texts consistently advocate using he as an inclusive pronoun reference, but the Texas Young Lawyers Association wishes to include the accomplishments and contributions of women to our society in its publications. In this handbook, the reader should read he and meaning he and/or she in all appropriate instances.

Texas Notary Public Handbook Provisions.


  • Appointment and Qualification
  • Powers and Duties
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law
  • Notice of Expiration and Vacation of Office
  • Record Book and Public Records
  • Effect of Vacancy
  • Notary Seal
  • Notice of Change of Address
  • Criminal Liability
  • Suspension or Revocation of Commission by the Secretary of State
  • Fees Posted
  • Sample Transaction for an Acknowledgment
  • Sample Forms
    • Individual Acknowledgement
    • Corporate Acknowledgement
    • Acknowledgement of a Mark
    • Acknowledgement to Prove Written Instrument
    • Short Form Acknowledgement
  • Questions Frequently Asked
  • Prohibited Acts
  • Notary Public Fees
  • Footnotes



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