Dear New Notary,

Congratulations on receiving your commission!

Texas law provides four-year notary terms with statewide jurisdiction. Furthermore, it mandates compliance with numerous legal provisions, which affect notarial practices, powers, and duties. Violations can result in unlimited liability for damages and in prosecution for Class A Misdemeanors or Third Degree Felonies; punishable by various jail sentences and/or potential fines up to $10,000.00.

Many new notaries are unaware of the Texas laws. Nevertheless, once commissioned, they are held responsible for violations. How can you protect yourself, learn about the requirements, obtain certifying seals, or find out which documents can’t be notarized? As the only local, educational organization serving Texas Notaries, the Notary Bureau is, committed to helping you understand our constantly changing laws.

This is a Texas-based service that provides information and answers to your questions. The Texas State Notary Bureau has education materials, errors and omissions insurance referrals and offers supplies that are required for proper notarizations. All materials have been designed to comply with our new laws.

My past experience with the Texas Secretary of State’s office, as their Notary Director; and supervision of the issuance of over 470,000 commissions, has supplied rare insight into the processes of our government. It further enhances our value as a notary education resource. In addition, I served as a vice-president of a national notary association. Throughout my practice, I’ve conducted seminars, studied the laws, reviewed legislation, and provided recognition to the need for notary education. I drafted key legislation which guaranteed the current distribution of commission materials. Since 1979, I’ve also handled the periodic revisions of the Texas Notary Public Handbook, by the Texas Young Lawyers Association.

We want to help! To learn more, please complete and send in the order forms for the supplies and services listed. As a Special Bonus, we will send you a Free Copy of the revised Handbook.


F. Henry Garcia

F. Henry Garcia

Director and President

P.S. Important! Only this Bureau offers the credentials and services of a former State Notary Director and a licensed attorney with specialized experience, who drafted and successfully promoted effective legislation, legislation which provided commission materials and raised the.50 notary fee limit of 1915 to $5.00.